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Whalen Speed Can Am WS205S Performance Package E85

  • Whalen Speed Can Am WS205S Performance Package   E85 - RPM SXS
Whalen Speed Can Am WS205S Performance Package   E85 - RPM SXS Whalen Speed Can Am WS205S Performance Package   E85 - RPM SXS

Whalen Speed

Whalen Speed Can Am WS205S Performance Package E85



Features: (Package Essentials)

The WS205S Kit will include both 100 Octane and E85 MAPs, if applicable for the client. Also includes a Rev-X ethanol tester.

The WS200S Kit is designed for 100 Octane race gas. We have been testing and perfecting this package in various desert, short course and cross country style series. 

Additional Package Options: (Recommended)

Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package follow the link below)

For those clients with some of our other Can-Am products or clients with other vendor products please reach out directly to us for custom quotes as we can modify package pricing if products have been purchased previously.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The WS180-20210 Kits can use the 2017/120HP Model fuel pump assemblies. The WS205 will require our high volume fuel pump to maintain proper fuel pressure and flow to the injectors. It is not required to purchase a 2018 fuel pump housing for these kits. Just please note which housing you have when purchasing. ***

The WS180 package was developed to be the best stock turbo pump gas combination available. Starts with our 1200CC injector set and PV3/Wideband o2 to give you not just a generic tune. We ensure your machine is running properly using the data supplied by the Power Vision and wideband data. The WB02 kit gives us the actual Air to Fuel ratio the machine is running at any given time it is hooked up and logging. This tool and information is critical for maximum power and reliability. When running our WS180 and up kits free review and tune revisions are standard. Boost is kicked up to 19PSI in sport mode and will switch down to 16PSI  for a less aggressive and enjoyable ride when the eco button is switched on. Designed for 91 and 93 octane as well as the international 98 RON fuel. 10% ethanol down to non ethanol fuels. 

*** How-To - Installing/Setting Up Your PV3 ***

*** Here are some more details on our WS180 Package.***

Our WS200 kit is designed for race gas, 100 or 110 Octane, and stock turbo. This kit has become the popular choice in short course and desert racing where 96 octane or higher is used. Boost is bumped to 21psi in sport and eco can be used for normal premium fuels as boost is lowered to 18psi. We do recommend the intercooler fan have an over ride switch to help maintain lower intake temps. 

WS205 is the maximum power kit for the stock turbo and map sensors running E85. It is not required to run specific fuel suppliers ethanol. It is smart to check the ethanol content that you are getting from the pump and relay that % to John as he builds yAA's tunes. It is not uncommon to have a couple tunes for variances in ethanol content. We include an ethanol content tester with the WS205 kit. This kit also includes the WS180 tune as sometimes it is difficult to find ethanol. To note, when making a fuel change from gas to ethanol or back to gas that your fuel tank is as low as possible, and when making the change fill your gas tank all the way up. Its easy to make the switch from ethanol to pump gas and have a 20-30% ethanol content or go from pump gas to ethanol and drop your ethanol content 10-2021% from the gas that present in the tank. Boost is kicked up to 21.5psi and switchable boost to 18psi. This kit requires our high volume fuel pump, rewire kit, and 20amp fuse for the fuel pump.