RPM Provides the below info and links for Frequently Asked Questions curtesy of the manufacturers.


AA Tech Links

  1. Clutching Holy Grail
  2. Clutch Testing/Verification
  3. Installing AA Custom Tunes on your Powervision This video link is for those who purchase tunes, upgrading tunes, or are looking to purchase tunes for a Powervision you bought elsewhere.

AA Polaris RZR Tech Links

  1. Flashing your Polaris with the Powervision 3 & AA Tunes RZR
  2. XP Turbo Waste Gate Actuator Adjustment

AA RZR Wastegate Settings

  • 16-21 Xp Turbo Level 3-6 Adjust Wastegate 2 Turns Shorter
  • 20-22 Pro XP Tune levels 1-4 are developed on the stock wastegate setting with stock injectors. Tunes 5 & 6 are only available with 1200cc injectors & require adjusting your wastegate rod.  Also offered are all tune Levels 1 through 6 designed for the 1200cc injectors & WG rod adjustment.

AA Can Am X3 Tech Links

  1. X3 Wastegate Adjustment
  2. X3 Powervision ECU Flashing, gauge setup & tune verification
  3. X3 AA S2 Clutch Kit Installation
  4. X3 AA Adjustable Helix Installation & Adjustment

AA X3 Wastegate Crack Pressure Settings Per Tune/HP

  • Level 2 195HP 7-8PSI Crack Pressure
  • Level 3 205HP 7-8PSI Crack Pressure
  • Level 4 220HP 9-10PSI Crack Pressure
  • Level 5 110 Octane 230HP 10-12PSI Crack Pressure
  • Level 6 E85 230HP 10-12 PSI


KWI Clutching Instructions & Tuning

  1. AO Clutch Kit Tuning Chart
  2. AO Clutch Kit Install