Tuning and Clutching FAQ  Link

Common BOV Q&A  Video



RPM Polaris Product Instructions



RZR Charge Tube and J-Tube  PDF

RZR XP Pro Intake "Big Fatty"  PDF  Video

RZR XP Turbo & Pro Intercooler  PDF  Video

RZR Pro R Silicone Intake Tubes  Video


RZR PRO R Sport Muffler  Video

RZR PRO R Header  PDF  Video

RZR PRO XP & Turbo R Monster Core 3" Full Exhaust  Video

RZR XPT/PRO XP/Turbo R 2.5 & 3 inch E-Valve Exhaust  PDF

RZR PRO XP Sport Muffler  Video

RZR XP Turbo Sport Muffler  Video

RZR XP Turbo/Pro XP E-Valve Muffler  PDF

RZR Turbo Desert Series 3" Exhaust  PDF

RZR XP1000 & General 2.5 inch E-Valve Exhaust  PDF

RZR 200 Full Sport Exhaust  Video


RZR Pro R/Turbo R Shock Tuning Fork  PDF

Fuel Tanks

RZR Pro R Auxiliary (under rear seat) Fuel Tank  PDF

RZR Pro R Rear Passenger/Drivers Floor Board Fuel Tank  PDF

RZR Pro R 2 Seat Auxiliary Fuel Tank  PDF

RZR Pro XP 2 Seat Auxiliary Fuel Tank  PDF

RZR XP1000, XPT, Turbo S 4 Seat Auxiliary Fuel Tank   PDF


RZR XP Turbo & Pro XP Catch Can  PDF  Video

RZR Pro R Catch Can  Video

RZR XP1000 2015-23 ECF Electronic Clutch Fan  PDF

RZR XP1000 2024+ ECF Electronic Clutch Fan  PDF

RZR Pro XP & Turbo R ECF Electronic Clutch Fan  PDF  Video

2016-2018 XP Turbo ECF Electronic Clutch Fan  PDF

2018-22 Turbo S RS1 RZR XPT ECF Electronic Clutch Fan  PDF

RZR Pro R ECF Electronic Clutch Fan  PDF



RPM Can-Am Product Instructions


Can-Am Maverick R BOV Kit  PDF  Video

Can-Am Maverick R Big Fatty Intake Tube  Video

Can-Am X3 R & RR BOV Kit  PDF  Video

Can-Am X3 120HP & 135HP BOV Kit  PDF  Video

Can Am X3 R & RR Charge Tubes  PDF  Video

2017-19 Can-Am X3 120hp & R Intercooler Upgrade  PDF

2020+ Can-Am X3 Intercooler Upgrade  PDF  Video


Can-Am Maverick R Mid Pipes  Video

Can-Am Maverick R Mufflers  Video

Can-Am Maverick R E-Valve Wiring Only  PDF

Can-Am Maverick R E-Valve Mid Pipe  PDF  Video

Can-Am X3 E-Valve Wiring Only  PDF

Can-Am X3 3" Mid Pipe Support Bracket  PDF

Can Am X3 Big Mouth Mid Pipe  Video

Can-Am X3 2.5" E-Valve Mid Pipe  PDF

Can-Am X3 3" E-Valve Mid Pipe  PDF

Can-Am X3 Sport Muffler  Video

Can-Am X3 Muffler Delete  PDF

Can-Am X3 Desert Series Exhaust  PDF

Fuel Tanks

Can-Am Maverick R Auxiliary Fuel Tank  PDF  Video


Can-Am X3 Intercooler Fan Override Switch  Video

Can-Am Maverick R Intercooler and Radiator Fan Override Kit  PDF   Video

Can-Am Maverick R Turbo Heat Shield Modification for HD Clamp and Heat Blanket  PDF

Can-Am X3 Catch Can  PDF  Video

Can-AM Maverick R Catch Can  Video

Can-Am X3 Plenum Clamps  PDF

Can-Am X3 Electronic Clutch Fan  Video

Can-Am X3 Fuel Pump Replacement  PDF


RPM Kawasaki Product Instructions


KRX 1000 Sport Muffler  PDF

KRX Electronic Clutch Fan  Video


RPM Universal Product Instructions


RPM Recirculation Kit  PDF

RPM COOLER Air Vent Kit  Video


Fill-A-Buddy Fuel Connection  PDF



RPM Ski-Doo Product Instructions


SkiDoo 850 Turbo BOV  PDF

SkiDoo 850 Turbo Silicone Intake & Charge Tubes  PDF


Ski-Doo 850 Muffler  PDF

SkiDoo 850 Turbo Muffler  PDF


RPM Polaris Product Instructions


Polaris 850 Patriot Boost Silicone Intake/Charge Tubes and BOV  PDF


Polaris 850 Patriot Boost Muffler  PDF

Polaris 9R/850 RMK Chambered Muffler  PDF