Thank you for purchase of RPM products, we truly appreciate your support.  No one is without issues and we are here to help if you do.  RPM products are covered by the below warranty policy unless otherwise stated by the product.  Integrated 3rd party parts are covered under their own manufacture warranty



All warranty claims must be started through the form below.

Most RPM products have a manufacturer defect warranty for the life of the product unless specified. EOL is determined by (last date of manufacture + 6 months)

3rd party parts are not warrantied by RPM Powersports such as E-Valve electric motors.

RPM electronic items have a 1 year limited warranty.

Wearable items such as gaskets, filters, spark arrestors, hardware, ect. do not have a manufacture warranty after first use.

Product Coatings, do to the nature of some coatings on products discoloration, wear, or scratching is not a warrantable issue. For example Cerakote is a ceramic finish designed to be tough.  However it will scratch and discolor over time depending on the environment conditions and cleaning of it.  Rough handling, sand, and rocks can damage the finish.


Once RPM receives item, it is at its sole discretion, and will determine whether a warranty applies and issue will be addressed accordingly. Items installed incorrectly for example may be void of warranty claims. 

Warranty will apply to original product purchaser only.  Original order # and Shipping name are required when making a warranty claim.  

RPM is not responsible for damage caused to your vehicle by the installation of RPM Products.  RPM assumes no liability for damage to vehicle or personal injury from installing or using our products.

To issue a Warranty Claim, Please complete the form below with images of the product issue installed on the vehicle, description of the issue, and original proof of purchase/order number.

  • If the damaged product meets RPM warranty criteria then a RMA will be issued.
  • Shipping to RPM Powersports is at customers expense.  Shipping damage if occurred while in route to RPM is the responsibility of the customer.  We recommend insuring items of value greater than $100.
  • Proper installation is crucial to a successful warranty claim. 
  • International warranty (shipping to and from RPM is the responsibility of the customer)